Can an Electrician Move My Electric Meter?

How do I know if I can trust my electrician and can they move my electric meter? Moving an electric meter is not as easy as you may think. Not only do electricians have to be specially trained and licensed, but they also need to know how to use complicated machinery and have the proper tools to do the job properly. Electricians have to have been through stringent training for several years before they are allowed to work with electricity. Some electricians work through firms that hire them to perform specific tasks like installing home wireless systems and safety measures in high power areas. There are companies that are specifically devoted to the installation of electric meters in residential homes.

How do I know if my electrician can move my electric meter? Generally, if you call your electrician, the first thing he will do is check with your local building codes. This means he will check to make sure that your meter is allowed in your home. If your electrician determines that your electric meter cannot legally be moved, he will ask you to sign a contract stating that you understand that he cannot move your meter without your permission.

How much will it cost to have my electrician move my meter? Before hiring a professional electrician, be sure to find out his costs. Professional electricians will generally quote you a base fee for his time. Other fees may include the cost of moving the meter, disconnecting your existing electric meter, etc. Make sure you get a written price quote from your electrician so you know what to expect.

What if I already have a professional electrician in my home? Some electricians will transfer your calls if you request it. In this situation, you will still be charged the same base fee, but will probably get an additional fee if the call is long-lived or if your electrician stays on the job to finish the job.

Can an electrician tell me when my electric meter needs to be permanently moved? Yes, some electricians can tell when your electrical meter will need to be permanently moved. This is usually when your electric bill starts to climb, or if you have fallen behind in your electric usage. An experienced electrician will know when to call you and when to call him. If you find yourself in a situation where you are delinquent in your electric usage, you may want to call a professional electrician so he can permanently remove the old electric meter from your home.

Can an electrician help me with the safety of my home during moving? It is important for you to be as safe as possible when you are moving electrical meters. Electricians always recommend against using non-fireproof moving boxes or tape. He may also recommend that you use only heavy duty tape to cover sensitive circuits; this helps to protect your electrical wires from fire damage.

What if I accidentally disconnect my home’s electric system? Your electrician will know how to turn the power back on, and how to work around broken wires. You can never be too careful when it comes to electricity. The last thing you want to happen is for a professional electrician to trip and burn himself on your electric wiring. Make sure you ask any question that you might have about your current electric wiring, and ask him to explain any safety measures that he recommends to avoid this from happening.

How much does it cost to move my electric meter? Moving a meter can cost anywhere from two to five hundred dollars depending on the distance, size, and type of meter that needs to be moved. If you plan on relocating your electric meter by yourself, you should talk to an electrician about how much the total will be before you make any final plans. Moving a commercial meter costs even more than moving your personal meter, as larger electric meters are harder to move because of their weight. If you are simply trying to relocate a residential or light commercial meter, you will find that the price is not very expensive at all.

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